Straight Men of Reddit Shared Their Most Close Same-Sex Activities, and Well, Wea€™re Shook


Straight Men of Reddit Shared Their Most Close Same-Sex Activities, and Well, Wea€™re Shook

14 February, 2022 | wordcamp | BuddyGays mobile site

Straight Men of Reddit Shared Their Most Close Same-Sex Activities, and Well, Wea€™re Shook

On r/AskReddit, u/Megapumpkin questioned a€?Straight dudes of Reddit, what is the the majority of personal second you’d with another guy?a€? Lots of the answers are heartfelt, but some got a serious tinge of sadness – we’re devastated that individuals thought several of those genuine emotions must be a€?hiddena€? lest they be viewed as gay.

This guy later on comes up and presents himself under the pretense a€?I read you used to be gay

My personal mother attempted suicide years back. She was hospitalized for per month. I imagined i really could take care of it but each week or two after it just happened, i obtained into a fight using my girlfriend at an event and begun sobbing. I couldn’t prevent. I totally unraveled in a buddy’s kitchen. My personal closest friend set me in his auto so we drove around while I sobbed uncontrollably. I have not ever been extra mentally unstable. He did not talking, the guy just drove about. Then he fell me personally off at your home. We considered a great deal best. The guy never even delivers it up to this day.

It is unpleasant a large number of straight dudes become her many romantic moment with another guy should really be kept secret or is shameful

I am straight but gay for this guy

My personal fraternity brother/roommate was having a terrible day. We were all sipping but the guy obviously encountered the many and texted an ex, so I produced him back again to all of our place keeping a watch on your. The guy got sincere sad and started weeping, except he had been insecure about his masculinity so however weep for several minutes about he sensed around various other men, next reject which he decided that and this cycle would duplicate every five minutes.

At long last I broke to your that feelings along these lines had been totally good and actually close (much better acknowledging than hiding they). I used him inside my hands while he weeped approximately around 30 minutes. The guy kept trying to rebel because their every impulse is advising your that this was not OK, but I just shushed your and rubbed his straight back as I used your. He sooner calmed all the way down and went along to bed. That occurred fourteen days before and then we have not spoken of it yet, but i am happy the guy dependable myself, and desire the guy aims me personally out if he’s sense this way again.

Though those were both reports of men and women becoming around for every some other, one continual theme ended up being people experiencing awkward about any of it. Eg, u/Wompingsnatterpuss discussed his more romantic minute:

Chatting another guy of suicide. The guy simply recommended you to definitely pay attention. We hugged for a good half a minute and then he sobbed into my chest. Embarrassing looking right back, however in the moment the guy necessary they.

Why must that be awkward? As he states, the guy needed they. It is sad when sharing an intimate time was embarrassing due to understood manliness dilemmas. This is exactly what we discuss as soon as we claim that toxic manliness affects anyone. There is absolutely no pity in loving another person, helping another individual or becoming indeed there for the next individual, especially when they want you a lot of.

Though that one ended up being fairly heavier, one of the funnier stories was u/MonsieurMagneta€?s a€?most intimate second’ facts that happened on their strategy to Japan. He was playing a fighting online game, while nearby ended up being men playing exactly the same online game and obtaining best scores. As MonsieurMagnet puts it:

I was troubled to see through initial level, and this guy notices. So the guy prevents playing his games, requires his fingers, carefully place them over my own, and moves my palms and forces my personal hands so I can learn how to create combos using the characters. I look into their eyes, chuckling from the absurdity of just what this guy was actually starting. He smiles at myself, and extends back to their games.

Also the funnier, more happy a€?most intimate second’ stories feel the sting of toxic manliness. The bond are peppered with a€?no homoa€? laughs. And even though a majority of these Reddit people mean it as a punchline, it simply comes off as a sad, insecure option on an otherwise entertaining tale.

I got a gf in 9th class who, upon separating, advised people I found myself gay. a€? discussed he was mistaken but we’re able to still be company. I’m 27 now in which he’s my personal companion, lol. I obtained a divorce and bought a residence and welcomed your getting my roommate.

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